DC208075-Joumon Kugutu Bokkoku 1:6 Scale Action Figure – Previews Exclusive



Joumon Kugutu Bokkoku 1:6 Scale Figure – PX

  • Takayuki Takeya’s Kugutu Bokkoku comes to 3D life!
  • Action figure inspired by the ancient Japan Joumon period.
  • Intricately sculpted by Takaboku Busujima.
  • The head lights up!

With the Joumon Kugutu series, 1000 Toys brings Takayuki Takeya’s original characters to life as 1:6 scale action figures! His imaginative design that takes cues from the ancient Japan Joumon period is transformed into a digital sculpture by sculptor Takaboku Busujima. Additional touches by Takayuki Takeya himself have been added to the 3D-printed prototype to enhance the distinctive curves and details. Plus, an LED unit is housed inside the head and can be turned on for a light-up effect. Please enjoy this frighteningly intricate figure created by combining digital and analog techniques! Batteries required.

UPC: 4589801391341
Package Weight (pounds): 1.7
Package Length (inches): 6
Package Width (inches): 3
Package Height (inches): 14
Package Cubic Feet: 0.15
Package Dimensional Weight: 1.81
Country of Origin: China


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