HSF0472 – Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-53 Skids



Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-53 Skids

Take a spin in a Honda City Turbo with your very own Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-53 Skids! The blue Autobot from Cybertron is back, this time in a licensed Honda Motor Co. Ltd van. Complete with instructions and collector card, kids and adults stuck in the 1980s ages 15 and up will find lots to like with this retro-inspired warrior from another planet. You’ll love the van and robot mode, both of which have places to put the liquid nitrogen rifle and twin electron blaster. Ages 15 & up.
UPC: 195166169651
Package Weight (pounds): 0.75
Package Length (inches): 8
Package Width (inches): 6
Package Height (inches): 3
Package Cubic Feet: 0.08
Package Dimensional Weight: 1.04
Carton Weight (pounds): 4.85
Carton Length (inches): 12
Carton Width (inches): 9
Carton Height (inches): 9
Carton Cubic Feet: 0.56
Carton Dimensional Weight: 6.99
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Age: 15+
Gender: Male


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