HSF1622 – Transformers Vintage Beast Wars T-Rex Megatron


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Transformers Vintage Beast Wars T-Rex Megatron

A remake of a classic! (Re)start a vintage Beast Wars collection with this Transformers: Vintage Beast Wars Predacon Megatron figure! Inspired by the classic 90s toy, Predacon Megatron is designed like the original version — including figure styling, packaging, and art from the 1996 Beast Wars releases, plus classic tech specs and accessories. Millions of years ago, Tyrannosaurus rex ruled the earth. Today, Megatron plans to do the same! Duplicating dinosaur DNA stolen from human research labs, the evil leader has re-engineered his body structure and equipped it with fearsome high-tech firepower! Predacon Megatron figure comes with 2 missile accessories and converts from T. rex to robot mode in 11 steps. Ages 8 and up.
UPC: 5010993867103
Package Weight (pounds): 1.25
Package Length (inches): 11
Package Width (inches): 9
Package Height (inches): 4
Package Cubic Feet: 0.23
Package Dimensional Weight: 2.85
Carton Weight (pounds): 2.95
Carton Length (inches): 12
Carton Width (inches): 9
Carton Height (inches): 10
Carton Cubic Feet: 0.62
Carton Dimensional Weight: 7.77
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Age: 8+
Gender: Male


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