KTSV298-My Little Pony Princess Celestia Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Statue


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My Little Pony Princess Celestia Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Statue

  • Princess Celestia goes bishoujo!
  • The Princess of the Sun rules over Equestria in this stunning statue.
  • Her dress is an original design by Shunya Yamashita!
  • The white shimmering pony version can be displayed independently.

The Princess of the Sun that rules over Equestria, Twilight Sparkle’s mentor Princess Celestia joins the bishoujo-styled My Little Pony lineup from Kotobukiya. Painted in soft pearl color with color gradation, her dress is an original design by Shunya Yamashita. Princess Celestia’s mystical flowing hair is made of clear plastic filled with glitter and painted a pearl coloring to bring out a soft and gentle texture. Made of PVC/ABS, the stunning statue captures her grace as she calmly watches over the Mane 6 ponies as they learn about the magic of friendship. Meanwhile, the white shimmering pony version of Princess Celestia is set on a separate base and can be displayed independently. Careful attention was given to capturing the beautiful details of her elegant silhouette, and from her mane to her tail, she’s the most voluminous pony statue yet. The package design beautifully contrasts with that of Princess Luna (sold separately) and also includes a hologram design. Princess Celestia is a must for every My Little Pony fan! Ages 15 and up.

UPC: 190526034136
Package Weight (pounds): 2.25
Package Length (inches): 11
Package Width (inches): 11
Package Height (inches): 6
Package Cubic Feet: 0.42
Package Dimensional Weight: 5.22
Carton Weight (pounds): 16.1
Carton Length (inches): 22.5
Carton Width (inches): 21
Carton Height (inches): 12
Carton Cubic Feet: 3.21
Carton Dimensional Weight: 39.88
Country of Origin: China
Age: 15+


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