MF13442-Witcher Gaming Myrhyff The Ice Giant of Undvik Megafig 12-Inch Action Figure



Witcher Gaming Myrhyff The Ice Giant Mega Figure

The Witcher Gaming Ice Giant Megafig 12-Inch Action Figure is based on the creature’s appearance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game. Designed over with 15 points of articulation for a full range of posing. The Ice Giant is in scale and stands 12 inches tall. This fearsome foe is compatible with other 7-inch McFarlane Toys The Witcher 3 Figures (sold separately). Includes a base. The figure is showcased in The Witcher-themed window box packaging.

Myrhyff of Undvik is the Ice Giant that Geralt of Rivia meets during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is a huge monster who forced the people of Undvik to flee and now reigns there. The Ice Giant fashions himself a basic protective armor made using the remains of shipwrecks. ages 14 and up

UPC: 787926134421
Package Weight (pounds): 2.85
Package Length (inches): 12
Package Width (inches): 9
Package Height (inches): 6
Package Cubic Feet: 0.38
Package Dimensional Weight: 4.66
Carton Weight (pounds): 6.55
Carton Length (inches): 13
Carton Width (inches): 10
Carton Height (inches): 13
Carton Cubic Feet: 0.98
Carton Dimensional Weight: 12.16
Country of Origin: China
Age: 14+


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