MF15272-DC Multiverse Future State Superman 7-Inch Scale Action Figure



DC Multiverse Future State Superman 7-In Action Figure

Survive the deadly arena with Superman! This DC Multiverse Future State Superman 7-Inch Scale Action Figure features ultra articulation with up to 22 moving parts for posing and play. Superman is showcased in his gladiatorial attire from his battles on Warworld’s Arena! He includes an axe, shield, and a display base. Also included is a collectible art card with figure photography on the front, and a character biography on the back.

Sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton as a baby, Kal-El was found by farmers Martha and Jonathan Kent and raised as their son, Clark. As Clark grew up, the radiation from Earth’s yellow sun gave him extraordinary powers, which he kept hidden. Now fully grown, he uses his powers to protect his adopted world as Superman.

After years of adventures, however, Superman is missing and presumed dead. In actuality, the Man of Steel is across the galaxy, imprisoned on Warworld by the new Mongul. Forced to fight for his life in an arena and lacking his powers, Superman must stay alive and somehow find a way to return home. for ages 12 and up

UPC: 787926152722
Package Weight (pounds): 0.7
Package Length (inches): 10
Package Width (inches): 6
Package Height (inches): 2
Package Cubic Feet: 0.07
Package Dimensional Weight: 0.86
Carton Weight (pounds): 5
Carton Length (inches): 12.5
Carton Width (inches): 8.75
Carton Height (inches): 11.75
Carton Cubic Feet: 0.75
Carton Dimensional Weight: 9.32
Country of Origin: China
Age: 12+


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