MTHHB74F-Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car



Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car Mix 6 Case of 8

Discover favorite characters from movies, TV shows and comics reimagined as Hot Wheels cars! Hot Wheels has partnered with some of the hottest names in entertainment to recreate popular characters as vehicles. Each 1:64 scale vehicle features authentic details and cool stylings that capture the most beloved personalities from creative forces like Star WarsDisney and PixarDC Comics and more. Kids and collectors will want them all.

This Marvel Hot Wheels Character Car Mix 6 Case (956F) includes 8 individually packaged vehicles and features:
1x Dr. Strange (UPC:194735063871)
2x She Hulk (UPC:194735026340)
1x Rocket (UPC:194735064076)
1x Mighty Thor (UPC:194735026296)
1x Black Panther (UPC:194735063895)
1x Groot (UPC:194735063932)
1x Hulk (UPC:194735064069)
Subject to change.

Example image. Contents may differ.

UPC: 194735062959
Package Weight (pounds): 1.25
Package Length (inches): 7
Package Width (inches): 5
Package Height (inches): 6
Package Cubic Feet: 0.12
Package Dimensional Weight: 1.51
Age: 3+


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