SUP80985-Transformers Super Shogun Optimus Prime Jumbo Action Figure



Transformers Super Shogun Optimus Prime Jumbo Action Figure

  • Massive G1-accurate Optimus Prime figure has rolling wheels on his feet and 3 points of articulation!
  • Launching spring-loaded “rocket firing” left fist!
  • Stickers let you customize your Optimus Prime!
  • Opening chest reveals removable Matrix of Leadership, just like in Transformers: The Movie!
  • Removable Ion Blaster weapon.

Worlds collide with Transformers Super Shogun Optimus Prime Jumbo Action Figure! The classic giant Super Shogun-style robots you love have a new member in their ranks – the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime! This deluxe 27-inch jumbo action figure comes to you with all the classic cartoon detail from The Transformers, celebrating the first appearance of your favorite robots in disguise. Complete with launching blue fist, this gargantuan Cybertronian commander is just the perfect thing you need for your home, office, or robot room. Complete with details like blue eyes, a red Autobot symbol on his left shoulder flanked by smokestacks, and of course the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, this is a big and impressive figure you just won’t want to be without! AGES 14+.

UPC: 840049809857
Package Weight (pounds): 9
Package Length (inches): 28
Package Width (inches): 15
Package Height (inches): 7
Package Cubic Feet: 1.7
Package Dimensional Weight: 21.15
Carton Weight (pounds): 12.35
Carton Length (inches): 18
Carton Width (inches): 9.5
Carton Height (inches): 31
Carton Cubic Feet: 3.23
Carton Dimensional Weight: 40.14
Country of Origin: China
Age: 14+
Gender: Male


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