TNFAVA44-Acid Rain Kaiho Defense Officer 1:18 Scale Action Figure


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Acid Rain Kaiho Defense Officer 1:18 Scale Action Figure

From Toys Alliance comes the Acid Rain Kaiho Defense Officer 1:18 Scale Action Figure! This highly detailed figure is compatible with other Acid Rain World 1:18 items and features multiple points of articulation as well as a “weathered” deco. This figure includes a Type Koize Assault Rifle, Type Chizuru Revolver, Grenade, and Electric Prod.

After the End Wars, the Yamato Republic committed to military de-escalation and retained only a small number of local forces for domestic security. Foreign defense was outsourced to mercenaries hired by the Kuromizu Corporation. Local defense forces consist mainly of Kaiho Defense Officers, who are stationed on “Kaihos”- artificial maritime fortresses built on islands and reefs. They primarily respond to maritime threats and guard the coastline. In addition, Kaiho Defense Officers also provide rapid auxiliary support for counter-piracy and counter-smuggling raids.

Additional figures, vehicles, and accessories pictured not included.

UPC: 4710949210915
Package Weight (pounds): 0.3
Package Length (inches): 6
Package Width (inches): 3
Package Height (inches): 2
Package Cubic Feet: 0.02
Package Dimensional Weight: 0.26
Carton Weight (pounds): 3.9
Carton Length (inches): 12.5
Carton Width (inches): 8
Carton Height (inches): 7
Carton Cubic Feet: 0.39
Carton Dimensional Weight: 4.83
Country of Origin: China
Age: 16+


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