TNROBOA-Robotech Transformable VF-1S 1:100 and Pilot Figure – Roy Fokker



Robotech Transformable VF-1 1:100 and Pilot Figures Case – Roy Fokker

Weekday afternoon cartoons, action figures and Robotech always equaled a happy childhood! Now that feeling is back with this returning assortment of Robotech action figures!

Back by popular demand, this assortment of Veritech Pilot action figures and Veritech Transformables has long been unavailable at retail and most recently reappeared as a sought-after convention exclusive box set. Here offered as an assortment, all your favorite Robotech characters are approximately 4 1/4-inches tall, come fully articulated, and feature removable helmets and display stands, along with a 6-inch tall fully transformable version of their Veritech Fighter!

Each fighter comes fully equipped with 2 mini pilots; one cockpit pilot and one standing pilot and a 4.25 inch fully articulated pilot figure. The Veritech are highly poseable with over 30 points of articulation, gun pod/missile attachment accessories, and can be converted into three different modes: Fighter, Battloid or Guardian.

UPC: 819872011553
Package Weight (pounds): 14.4
Package Length (inches): 15
Package Width (inches): 15
Package Height (inches): 15
Package Cubic Feet: 1.95
Package Dimensional Weight: 24.28
Carton Weight (pounds): 14.4
Carton Length (inches): 15.5
Carton Width (inches): 15.25
Carton Height (inches): 15
Carton Cubic Feet: 2.08
Carton Dimensional Weight: 25.9
Country of Origin: China
Age: 14+


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